Vlieseline - Fusible Knit

SKU: H609
High class fusible knit interlining with extreme elasticity. 75 cm x 25 m. Product Benefits; The special construction grants a very soft and elegant hand feel. Due to its extreme elasticity in warp and weft direction, it is an ideal interlining for large and small part fusing. The excellent adhesive coating grants easy application by hand iron. Outstanding adhesion after many cycles of care treatment. Description: Like all interfacing made by Vlieseline, the interfacing is always cut in a lengthwise direction, and thereby follows the grain of the fabric. Place the interfacing with the fitted side on the left side of the fabric. Press each area for about 10 seconds. Allow the pieces to cool flat for about 30 minutes, so that the adhesive can set properly. Care; Dry cleanable, machine washable at 40°C.